Privacy Policy

The site has a right to change the following Privacy Policy without former notice at any time, and without the need to notice the user about the made changes.

§1 Terms of being anonymous

User of this webpage stays anonymous, unless one decides differently. The only information stored about user is data received by the server (e.g. IP address), which is used only for the statistics (e.g. number of connections from a different geographical location) and server maintenance purposes.

§2 Personal information

The following website does not ask user for one's personal information. However, if user wishes to send (e.g. by email) his personal data, we do not take any responsibility in any way for this data (i.e. user must understand the risk of sending his personal data, and that, although we do our best to protect this data, it can be stolen or by any other means sent to a third party).

§3 Text documents ("cookies")

This website does not store text documents ("cookies") on the user's computer.