Graphics design

One of my hobbies is computer graphics design, as it allows me to combine my interest in arts with passion to programming. Over the years, I have developed my skills in programs such as Adobe Creative Suit as well as learnt more about programming languages such as HTML, CSS or JavaScript. I gathered lots of experience through creating websites for companies, school and university projects or even for myself. Moreover, I have worked on iOS applications, supplying GUI for titles that are available for purchase on the iTunes store.

Website development

I have a wide experience in creating visually appealing websites based on strong standards that look excellent in all browsers. CSS is an amazing tool, that ensures website is being rendered properly by any modern browser, and it looks as designed right inside the Photoshop. The new HTML 5 technologies allow taking the websites designs beyond the current web standards. Finally, JavaScript adds life to the static website design, providing more eye-catching solution that works well both on PCs and iOS devices.


Featured project: Studio 3A
Website designed for the interior design company, Studio 3A. Elegant, dark style
was achieved in HTML & CSS, while images are displayed using JavaScript.
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If you are interested in cooperation, please contact me for further details.

GUI development

Graphical User Interface (GUI) is a very important part of every application, as it gives the application the right feel. Cooperating with other designers and coders, innovative multiplatform applications are being created. The main working tool for designing the GUI is Photoshop, while the testing phase is done through Apple SDK package. If you are interested in cooperation, please contact me for further details.